What is Row52?

Row52 helps you locate vehicles that have the original parts you need to repair or restore your car. If you have ever spent the afternoon walking through the rows of wrecked cars at your local self-service automotive recycling yard, only to leave empty-handed because the vehicle you need wasn't there, Row52 aims to make your search a whole lot easier. Working with our partner yards we immediately list their vehicle inventory and give you useful information including pictures, a listing of factory-installed equipment and options, as well as the option to receive an Alert when the vehicle first arrives so you have the best chance at getting the part you need. We're also actively developing features that will allow you to get parts from a vehicle sitting in a yard thousands of miles away!

How does Row52 work?

It's simple! Visit the Row52 website and Search the inventory of our partner yards for the vehicle you are looking for. When you find the vehicle, get over to that yard and pull the parts you need. If your vehicle isn't in inventory at a yard near you, set up an Alert and we'll notify you by email or text when it arrives.

What is an Alert?

An Alert is an email or text message notification when vehicles matching your criteria for make, model, year and location have arrived in inventory. Alerts help you get to the yard when the vehicle is the freshest so you have the best chance at getting the part you are looking for. In order to receive Alerts you need to Sign Up (it's free) and create an account.

I'm having trouble with the site, is there someone I can contact?

Yes, please use the Contact Us form and we'll be in touch right away.

What web browsers does Row52 work on?

Row52 is designed to work best on PC's, Mac's running the following browser versions or higher: Internet Explorer 9; Google Chrome; Firefox 4.0; or Safari 5.0.

The most recent versions of these browsers are available for free here:

Google Chrome: Windows | Mac
Firefox: Windows | Mac
Internet Explorer: Windows
Safari: Mac | Windows

Can I use Row52 on my mobile phone?

We'll be launching Row52 mobile apps very soon. Sign Up now and we'll notify you when they are ready. In the meantime Row52.com does work in your mobile phone or tablet's internet browser.

Does Row52 cost anything?

No! Row52 is completely free for anyone wishing to search for vehicles.

Do I have to Sign Up to use Row52?

No, anyone can use Row52 without signing up. However, by signing up you can save your searches, mark your favorites, and use the Alert feature to be notified when the vehicles you select arrive in inventory. You may Sign Up for free and we don't sell your email or other information.

Why do I get no results for my vehicle when I perform a Vehicle Search?

Row52 lists actual available vehicle inventory from our partner yards. If a vehicle you are searching for returns zero results it could mean that vehicle is not in inventory anywhere, or is not in inventory in the location you selected. We suggest entering a larger Mile Radius or leaving the Zip and Mile Radius blank. If these still result in no results, you can be assured the vehicle is not in inventory. You, however, may want to create an Alert for this vehicle type so you are notified immediately when one arrives.

The model vehicle I am looking for doesn't appear as a choice in the Search or Alerts fields.

Row52 constantly analyzes popular automotive makes and models sold in North America over the past 50 years in order to create its master list of search and alert options. We filter out certain makes and models because they are unlikely to ever appear in a recycling yard (e.g. Ferrari.)

In some cases the model names in our system may be slightly different than what you may know it as (for instance, a Volkswagen Beetle is sometimes called a Super Beetle), this is often the case on model years prior to 1981. If you are having trouble finding a specific model, one tip is to enter the Make but leave the Model field blank. This will likely result in a large set of results, but you can quickly scroll through them to see if your model is there but named something different. Finally, we're human and it's quite possible we completely missed something! If you think we missed a model, please Contact Us and we'll quickly look into it.

Why is the VIN (vehicle identification number) detail link not available on some cars?

The automotive industry standardized VINs in 1981. For vehicle model years 1981 and newer Row52 is able to provide a report showing the types of parts and options available on that vehicle when it was sold new. We are unable to provide this for vehicles earlier than 1981 because manufacturers did not encode this information in the VIN.

Does the VIN (vehicle identification number) report mean these are the parts available on this vehicle?

No, the VIN report is provided merely for informational purposes so you can determine if this vehicle matches the vehicle you are seeking. For instance, the VIN report will tell you whether a vehicle had the 4-cylinder engine or the 6-cylinder engine from the factory. The VIN report however does not guarantee that the engine is still in the vehicle – for that you have to get down to the yard with your tools and find out!

I found the Vehicle I need parts from but it is not located near me, will the yard ship the part to me?

No, currently we are partnered with self-service automotive recyclers. Customers are required to bring their own tools and pull the parts they desire.

How come there are no newer vehicles on Row52?

Row52 currently partners with self-service automotive recycling yards. Self-service yards allow customers to bring their own tools and pull their own parts. These yards generally specialize in vehicle model years that are about 10 years old and older. Consequently, most of the inventory you will find on Row52 is between 1960 and 2004. Our partner yards, however, are constantly expanding their inventory and often receive newer vehicles – check back frequently or setup an Alert if the vehicle you are after is not in inventory today.

I saw a vehicle on here recently but now it's gone, why?

Our partner yards are constantly bringing fresh vehicles into their yards and recycling old ones. If a specific vehicle is no longer on Row52 it means the yard has removed that vehicle from inventory. We suggest users set up an Alert to be immediately notified when their vehicle choice arrives in inventory – and then act fast to get over to the yard and pull the parts you need.

From the vehicle picture on Row52 I can clearly see the part I want is on the car, but when I went to the yard the part was gone, why?

Row52 attempts to take a picture of the vehicle as soon as possible after it is placed into inventory. Once the vehicle is placed in inventory, customers are able to remove and purchase parts. Therefore, the picture you see may not reflect the current condition of the vehicle.

Why are there some vehicles on Row52 without a picture?

Our goal is for every vehicle in inventory to have a picture. To achieve this goal we hire Photo Agents who visit their local yards every week and take pictures of fresh inventory. If you don't see a picture of a vehicle at a specific yard, but you do see pictures for other cars at that yard, it means the Photo Agent has not been by the yard yet to photograph. But, the picture will show up in a couple days.

If you see missing pictures for all the vehicles in a specific yard, it means we likely haven't hired a Photo Agent for that yard. Do you or someone you know want to earn some extra money taking vehicle pictures once or twice a week on your own schedule? Click here for openings.

Remember, even if you do not see a picture, the vehicle listed is physically in inventory at that yard and ready for you to pull parts from!

I own a yard, how do I list my vehicles?

If you own or work at a self-service automotive recycling operation, and are interested in listing your inventory on Row52, please visit the Got Inventory? page to learn how to become a Row52 partner.

Can I sell my car to Row52?

Row52 does not purchase vehicles, however our partner yards do. There is more information here.

Can I buy a vehicle I see on Row52?

The vehicles listed on Row52 are salvaged and cannot be purchased whole.