WANTED: Headlight Assembly (both sides)

Willing to pay $25 each for decent condition (no cracks). Also should come with accompanying Turn-Signal assembly for both sides.


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Tierney7272 Oct 14, 2017
I offer to ship this customer both headlights in like new condition for $110.00 taxes & shipping included, when it came down to making a payment and having the items shipped I was ignored. wasted my time and energy, just like so many other people on this sight, I have gone and found and pulled parts for around 10 people on this site, when it came time for them to pay I was ignored and never got a response or a payment, I'm getting really frustrated with this site and about to move on else where. I don't have the time or money to waste going to the yards in my area, locating the parts, sending pictures and spending 2-3 days messaging back and forth to just just get ignored when it comes time to be paid. quit ridiculous.headlights I offered this customer in pics below

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oneclassic70 Oct 12, 2017
agree with Row52Ric.. you can see pricing on picknpullpricing.com parts pullers time, gas and entry and if any shipping...if you want new.. text me vehicle vin number.. get you a stellar price..i work at dealership in parts.. Troy 831-206-9612 text preferred due to working

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Row52Ric Oct 12, 2017
This will be tough at your price point. Most yards charge in the $20 range for a headlamp and the corner lamp another $8-12, plus tax, environmental fees. The pullers are not yard or row52 employees - they pay the same part prices so there has to be some profit in it for them to get responses.
1998 Toyota Sienna
LISTED ON Oct 11, 2017