WANTED: Motor assembly

Just motor no ecu or tansmmision


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Row52Ric Jul 12, 2018
Just a word of advice, when looking for major mechanical components like an engine/transmission it is wise to consider the condition of the rest of the vehicle and try to infer what caused the vehicle to be retired from service. Most vehicles arrive with little to no history and no testing is done. If the odometer is digital, mileage is mostly unknown (sometimes the yards will write the mileage on the vehicle if it can power up but they do not do any testing of the vehicles.) A vehicle with no apparent collision damage is more likely to possibly have a mechanical problem that sent it to the yard. When vehicles come from auctions or salvage pools they often will carry labels like this that indicate whether the vehicle ran at the time. Sometimes by doing a Google search of the VIN of the vehicle you are considering will pull up insurance auction listings for it that often have extra information such as mileage, running condition. A little due dilligence can go a long way in choosing the best possible replacement part.
2003 Nissan Maxima
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LISTED ON Jul 11, 2018