WANTED: Engine Long block

is this engine good? Is it all there? any idea of the mileage? Would like to know how much to pull it for me and ahve it ready I know it's 170 +tax PNP price what would you charge to pull it? Will pay someone 20 bucks to go look at this for me before i make the drive down there to pull it or pick it up.


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Row52Ric Nov 13, 2017
At this point, I would venture to say if the vehicle is even there still - it's likely nowhere near what it looks like in the picture. The "added on" date is almost 4 months ago. The yards do no testing and as the odometer is digital most of the time the mileage and running condition is unknown. Sometimes the vehicles will have a label from the auction yard like this example that will indicate mileage and if it was a runner at the time
2004 Dodge Durango
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