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8 Reviews

  • Danboy
    Highly recommended. Pays attention to details and information supplied. No mistakes.
  • nico
    Shiny James is a great person to deal with, he sent me lots of pictures and got my part shipped and sent right away !!!
  • driftsr80_renz
    good guy and trustworthy!
  • eezuria
    He is most excellent
  • Candi
    I contacted James to see if he could fix my sons 2000 Malibu to after his first fender bender. James replied immediately and also made time to fit us in. He pulled the parts I needed before I even showed up. Worked on the car relentlessly until it was beyond satisfaction. Because my son has bent the inside frame his new hood would not close properly but James was very creative and found safe solutions so the vehicle could get back on the road. Great person and very knowledgable.
  • Lawrence455
    Shiny James has worked for me on 3 separate occasions. On the last occasion, he located a good donor part, removed it and installed it on my vehicle.... all within one hour! Amazing young man who wants to help, and willingly shares his knowledge and actually does a great job. I will also add... he never quits and has a great attitude".
  • taemo
    responded to me within 24hours my first message, was able to accommodate me within the next 2 days, knew what parts I really needed and installed it for me. will definitely contact him for future needs.
  • Sean_Michael
    Jamesofjesus33 responded back within 24 hours of sending him the original message. He was very fast at getting the parts pulled and shipped and worked around my shipping needs. Will go back to him in the future with any other parts I would need.
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