Parts For Sale: Power seat motors

Good, tested, serviced, power seat motors for front seat pad tilt, rear and front up and down, (Factory labeled inboard and outboard). These come with or without position memory sensor. With sensor, add $10. Request pins and retainers, add $1/motor set. (on some 1998, and most 1999 thru 2005, the factory crimped pins are often destroyed when removing the old motors. If you don't need or want the position memory sensor, I suggest you buy motors from "Scientific Surplus" with a couple easy changes, they will work perfectly and have a good strong gear set. Cheaper too. Advice on this is free. Many mechanics suggest pulling the seat completely out to do this job. It is unnecessary, tricky, heavy and bulky to deal with. There is another way removing the seat pads only Again, advice on this is free. You must specify "Inboard or outboard" (Factory labeled, for seat pad, rear or front up-down adj.) The price is "per each" motor.You will want one of each, per seat unless you already know you have one good one.

Listed on May 16, 2017
Price $30.00
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1997-2005 Buick Park Avenue