WANTED: Right Passenger power side door mirror

passenger side mirror; also need wire with 3 pin electrical connector that connects power from car to the mirror; will pickup and pay cash asap; is this a power mirror and what type of condition is it in? Feel free to text pics or questions to 443.557.8822


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Row52Ric Jun 14, 2018
All of the mirrors in these are power. What matters on these is whether it's heated or not (defrost symbol on mirror glass) and Japan or US built. Pretty sure since yours is non-heated due to there only being 3 wires. First digit of the VIN will be a J for Japan built or a number for US built. This one in the yard is a US built model.

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benjamin1022 Jun 14, 2018
Thanks! I went by the yard yesterday and looked at the car; however the passenger side mirror was gone. Not sure if there is another car or its located somewhere else. I'm looking for the US built non-heated if its out there. Can pay and pickup today if found.
2009 Toyota Camry
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LISTED ON Jun 13, 2018