Joined: May 19, 2017
Bio: I accept all major credit cards/debit cards, and even offer domestic and international shipping. <br />I have ten years experience as an automotive mechanic and vast knowledge of auto parts so getting your part is not a prob
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14 Reviews
Tweety83 Jan 28, 2018
I live in South Florida and needed to find some parts for my car I looked on the row52 app to see who was part pullers for Florida and I saw Jerry so I emailed him through here and he called me. He was very respectful and was able to get my parts to me ASAP. Really likeable and I will be using him for further parts in the future.
Kenedy176 Jan 27, 2018
You might get passed but you pushed me. You see my mails everyday but choose not to reply. Every prospective customer should beware of this fraud star. He scammed me of $330. Beware of Jerry
Jerry54 Jan 28, 2018
Kenedy did as you asked, had parts tested even spent 250 out of my pocket for testing. Bottom line testing parts as you requested as cost way more than what you paid. I am not a scammer but I am not spending myself into the poor house because you wanted to work on a cheap budget.
Kenedy176 Jan 27, 2018
I'm doing this because I have wait3d for almost 3 weeks for you to just reply my mails but you decided not to until I posted on your review page some days ago. If I knew this site was full of fraud stars like you, I wouldn't have come here. Pay me my money or return my parts.
Kenedy176 Jan 27, 2018
You said you have spent more than I paid you on testing for the parts. But I remember giving you every detail and instruction which included that the parts must be functional which you agreed without any hesitation. I even gave you extra money to purchase extra parts for me which you said you did. But I'm yet to see any of this parts. Is that how you work here? You're very dishonest and also a scammer. I need my money back
Kenedy176 Jan 27, 2018
Okay! Its still kenedy. I thought after laying my complains here, you would either send me my money or the parts I requested for. But you haven't done any. Not to talk of replying my mails. It's pretty obvious you have scammed me. So I'm posting this for others to be aware of your mischievous acts. I trusted you but you defrauded me. You have no excuse for that.
Kenedy175 Jan 24, 2018 Modified on Jan 25, 2018
Edited: and you think I'm not also being charged alot for international calls? Not withstanding that, I have sent you several messages on this platform for over 2 weeks now but you still stayed mute. You said you have spent alot on testing and fuel... does that mean my money is gone? Does it mean I won't get my parts?? I remember spelling out every instruction and details for you which you agreed to. And I took you for your word. Why are you doing this now
Jerry54 Jan 25, 2018
Hi Kenedy I told you a couple of weeks ago that it was becoming too expensive to communicate with you by phone as I was being charged for every texted message and phone call from you and that I would communicate with you via the messaging service on the row 52 app.
Kenedy175 Jan 24, 2018
Anybody doing business with this individual should be very careful. He scammed me of $330, changed his phone number and doesn't reply any of my mails. I paid him to get me an ecu, transponder keys and some other items for my cadillac cts 2006 which he failed to deliver. Anyone close to him should advice him to pay me back my money. Please be very careful not to full a victim. He's a fraud and scammer
Jerry54 Jan 25, 2018
You insisted on having your parts tested, this process not cheap and between cost of testing items and repeated trips to retrieve replacement items I have spent well over our agreed upon price just in part cost, testing cost and fuel cost. I have spent over $250 on testing alone.
wrodgers Jan 02, 2018
This was my first time working with Jerry and I was extremely impressed. I'm the service director of a Honda dealership and don't normally deal with used part dealers but Jerry is one of a kind. He answered my questions in a timely manner even gave me recommendations on where to find my part locally instead of having to pay shipping cost. I will definitely make sure if we have any parts needs that we can't seem to find in the future, I will make sure to recommend Jerry. THANKS JERRY!
cnm788 Dec 24, 2017
This is my first time using Jerry who is the best. He is immediately responsive, thorough, honest, explains options, prices are very reasonable , was able to immediately obtain my part, shipped, provided me with tracking and my package arrived when expected. I have already used Jerry a second time and will continue using him in the future.
jazzrat2000 Dec 14, 2017
Fast contact, found my part quick! I will use him again!
Bayboy Dec 02, 2017
1st time dealing with Jerry and I have to say he's very thorough & communicative! Service prices are very reasonable enough to skip going to the salvage yard to pull parts yourself, just call Jerry and let him handle it for you! He saved me what could have been a worthless trip to a yard that had no clue on what they even had in the yard. He even made arrangements to deliver the needed parts since he as in the aea for the day. Now that's excellent service!
oneclassic70 Nov 18, 2017
I've dealt with Jerry a few times now and has always treated me with respect and very helpful. He's my go to guy in Florida when I need. Great communication by sending pics of things I needed to ensure they are the right ones. I know junkyard items are not always 100% and really don't expect them to be. I've relied on his knowledge and opinion and hasn't let me down.. thank you Jerry.. appreciate the fast service in getting me what I needed.
OwensMC89 Aug 21, 2017
Jerry totally screwed me over. I need a specific electrical fuel sending unit that's very difficult if not impossible to find, and while Jerry couldn't find one at first, he told me that he did and that it was still in good condition. Made the mistake of being too trusting since I really need this part and he sent me an old mechanical one which is in poor condition and won't respond to calls or texts to resolve this issue.
CarCandyCustoms Jun 17, 2017
I was looking for a fender for a caprice. Jerry sent me a msg the next day with a picture of a fender i needed! Paid with CC and he shipped it the next day. More than impressed with knowledge and customer service. Jerry has lots of parts on hand for all types of vehicles including old schools! Thanks Jerry Krys Chicago,IL