Joined: Oct 02, 2017
Bio: we are a team, we have a combined experience 20+ years . we currently work fulltime as auto parts wanted request fillers/parts pullers. we travel the state of Colorado, pull & deliver OEM & aftermarket parts for clients.
Parts Puller for: U PULL & PAY Aurora, U PULL & PAY Colorado Springs, U PULL & PAY Denver, LKQ Pick Your Part Aurora, LKQ Pick Your Part Denver,
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Slppin Mar 10, 2018
Great guy. Only thing and reason i gave 4 and not 5 was it took longer then said and i understand things happen rusty bolts and maybe never pulled this type of engine before but had tight window and other things to do. But overall great guy and only person that contacted me and did what he said!! No one else on this page contacts you back and Craigs list people didnt help either! Overall glad i found him.