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34 Reviews

  • danielc
    I highly recommend Durango. Very helpful, verified parts before sending, good price and reliable. I definitely work with again. Thanks a lot.
      Glad I could help you get those parts for your Cadillac - thanks for your patience while I tracked those hard to find pieces down!
  • kristoferc
    Needed a good looking grille for a Subaru I had since new for 20 years. Durango was professional and prompt. Part arrived in great shape. Definitely recommend. Thanks!
      Happy to help, good customers make this job fun!
  • fowtykal
    Durango definitely helped me out by looking for what I neeed and it's my first day on this site. thanks bud!
      It's what I'm here for, appreciate the kind words
  • schultz
    no engines/trans but he did help me to pull a camper shell and put it on my truck.Could not have done it with out him.Great guy to work with.
      Most of the people I pull parts for I never get to meet in person - was great working with you and glad that shell is working out well for you. Thanks!
  • D21LosAngeles
    Thank you for checking.
      No problem - as always, I never charge to check out cars in the yard for row52 users. Good luck with those Pathfinder pieces.
  • Dale99
    Thanks for checking on the parts even though they were missing or damaged. Maybe we will get to do some business in the future.
      Set up alerts for those trucks - if any more show up I'll check them out for you
  • dugout
    Thanks soi much for the info on the Chrysler seats
  • nickfara
    My body and I were stuck, 106 miles away trying to get a big truck home with no brakes at all. We had bought two Hydro boost units, used most of our available cash. Durango helped us tremendously by checking inventory and condition of the parts without any charges. I will not forget his good deed, will definitely send him some business in the future. Greatly appreciated, thank you so much.
      Glad I was able to help out and glad you were able to get home!
  • mosslandingrow52
    Very fast with getting pictures of the actual part back to me. Will use again!
  • JLav211
    Best of the best. Makes doing transactions on here worthwhile. Extremely fair and realistic. Thanks!
      Glad we could find some of that BMW audio stuff. Thanks for the business!
  • dealmakerdb
    I needed a bumper for my Infiniti QX4 and I found one at Pick n Pull in Stockton which is 75 miles from me. I clicked on Durango as a parts puller and he went and checked on it and found it had damage that could not be seen in the picture. He pointed me in another direction to get one oem and so he really went out of his way to help despite not making anything. I would highly recommend him based on that and would not hesitate to bo back to him for something else.
      I don't readily turn business away but if there are better alternatives out there I'd rather have a happy customer than a little extra cash.
  • jonesdg1
    Appreciate the quick response and fast service! Part was pulled, shipped and arrived - across the country - before I could get to my local yard!
      Happy to help - I'm happy that you're happy!
  • PaulB
    Quick response, good communication, professional. Would work with Durango again.
      Thanks! We'll find you some good seats for that Ranger!
  • mhuxprs
    This Gentleman is very knowledgeable on what he doing. The parts I received from him all meet the expectation and works perfect so far. He is very professional and efficient. You won't go wrong with this guy if he finds the part you want. I will give him 5 stars
      Glad we could get those parts for the Quest - pleasant customers like you make my job even more enjoyable
  • dsblanch
    I received the rear suspension arms yesterday. They look as good as Durango said. He's clear, makes sure he understands what you want, etc. Very happy to work with him.
      Excellent - glad to be of help to keep the Tercel going!
  • rwinslow
    Durango was fast, efficient with timely and intelligent communication skills constantly updating e-mails re: available parts and cost. Without reservation, Durango has my highest recommendation.
      Happy to help you get that rear bumper for the Grand Cherokee. Hope the installation goes well.
  • tobbe_289
    fast, informative and easy doing business with.
      Glad I could help you get that Dodge grille all the way to Norway!
  • sdantzer
    There was a van of the same color and year in the yard and I was interested in the sliding door and headliner. Rich sent me pictures and descriptions of them and that they would not meet my needs. Great service and response time and I hope to use him to pull the right parts when they arrive!
      Thanks, sorry that van didn't have what you need. It's a busy yard so we may find those parts for that Ford.
  • mickdodge
    Quick response times.
  • Ronman1974
    Super nice. Packaged the parts very nice. Will definitely but from again. Don't hesitate to contact him. You won't regret it.
      Pleasant buyers make the job easy. Thanks Ron!
  • kulluminati777
    Super dude! Needed a car looked at and he checked it out quick and responded quick as well.
      Glad you got those parts for that MX-3!
  • dgreen782001
    GREAT! pulled part and had good communication! Will use again in the near future! Thanks!
      Glad we could get you that part for the Mercedes!
  • TeamNorthwest1
    Great puller sent great photos of parts great if you need parts he's your man I would have him pull parts any Time A+A+A+ hope you go to him soon
  • wtfseabass
    Confirmed a vehicle's trim for me, drove out to stockton and got a few parts from the car. Very disappointing when i drive a good amount to another yard only to find out its not what i wanted. Durango was quick with getting back to me. Thanks!
      Thanks for the kind words - glad you could find some parts for the Corolla S!
  • palmhat
    I have to chime in here. Durango is definitely on the ball. You can't go wrong with this puller. He's a credit to the industry! I will absolutely send my friends his way. He went out of his way to help me out of a tight spot even though there was nothing in it for him. What ever his rate, he's worth it.
      I enjoy helping people and pleasant people like yourself certainly make it easy. The yards are a great source of inexpensive parts, but they don't always make financial sense and when they don't - I'll say so, even if it means no money for me. Let me know if you need anything else for that van.
    Durango was a pleasure to work with. Quick response with pictures! Entire process took less than a week (including shipping!). Could not be more satisfied. Thanks!
      No problem! Glad I could get that hard-to-find part for the Miata!
  • bholderby
    Lightning fast reply with pictures! Thanks again, hope to talk again soon! Thanks!
  • pder745
    Thanks Durango you are Awesome! Responded quickly and even took pics of other options for me. Will ALWAYS be our parts guy! Thanks Man
      Pleasant people like you make it enjoyable. We'll find a seat for that Chevy!
  • czubik
    Durango, very honest and trustworthy. Could have easily pulled a wiper arm assembly and sent me the bill. Instead he found the brand new part on ebay and (which would be $2 more than what he would charge) told me to buy it there. Quickly replied to my needs. Thanks. Durango
      These yards are usually a great place to save money and I rarely turn business away - but sometimes it doesn't make sense to buy used and this was one of those cases. I;m glad that part worked for you.
  • davideric9
    WOW, Durango is tops. Not only did he follow up and talk to me and send photos he was the ONLY guy to reply. He is very nice, I'd like to have him as a friend. I live almost 2 hours from the stockton PnP and Durango saved me from a wasted trip. Thanks buddy....
      Not a problem, pleasant people like yourself make this job fun - hope you can get what you need for your Vanagon.
  • sergiomairena Modified on Nov 21, 2013
    Durango not only responded quickly, but he verified that the vehicle and the front driver seat were present within just a few hours. I gave him my mobile number, and he txt msg'd me a couple of photos. Since I lived more than an hour from that yard, he saved me a long drive. And even though he didn't end up pulling that seat for me, he e-mailed me PDFs of replacement instructions. If I EVER need parts from those yards again, I would ask him first.
      Thanks - appreciate the nice words and glad you got the part to fix that Excursion seat
  • a_trtanman
    Quick to reply and willing to check out inventory for me. I'd do business with Durango again! Thank you Durango!
      Thanks - glad I could help. Friendly people like you make it easy.
  • Skorkiler
    Durango is an A+ Parts Puller. I live hours away from Stockton and there was a very slim chance that this specific Bronco had the Yolks I needed for my 1972 Bronco buildup. I sent Durango a message w/ my phone number. He texted me, went to the yard, sent me pics of the yolks, and offered to pull them for me!!! Wow! He is an honest guy and if I can use his help again I will. Thx Durango.
      Thanks Skorkiller - sorry that Bronco didnt have the yokes you needed but feel free to contact me anytime. Good luck on your build!
  • Knight
    First time using Row52 or contacting a parts puller... Durango replied to my questions very quickly and was very helpful. He was able to send pictures of the parts to verify before he pulled them and was able to have them for me the same day for a very reasonable price.
      Thanks - good luck with your TransAm restoration!
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