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12 Reviews

  • aespejo01
    I would greatly appreciate the info you have for the fuel tank im looking for. I posted for the 95 Rodro. You found one from a Passport.
  • oneclassic70
    great guy.. helped me out in a pinch..
  • Thomasaurick
    I have the Nissan Altima 2005 2.5L JDM 4 Cylinder Engine QR25
  • krazykiddxyooj
    It was nice having full coilover from eagle talon...
  • pharmaworkerco.op
    Thanks very much for the advice on contacting all parts pullers for my request on getting dash parts for a 1994 Cadillac Deville in the neutral beige color.
  • Amcbob34
    I only need the covers off of the seats and possibly drivers door panel. Try to get a quote for shipping but I'm certain it can't be that much and well worth it.
  • tomaschurizoe
    Thanks for expanding my choices of alternate cars with the same parts.
  • donnabdavis2
    Wondering if it would be easier to get all the parts all together in the Front Body Assembly without having to take everything off separately.
  • Brianagrant
    It's a v6 cylinder and a automatic transmission.
  • dcm83
    It's a V6 6 cylinder engine automatic transmission coupe
  • Sinbad
    Hello there I really need the air intake tube thank you!
  • F-250
    Thanks for the information Rich, I may have found a replacement windshield locally.
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