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140 Reviews

  • 83MKII
    I cannot say enough good things about Troy. Excellent and fast service from a knowledgeable professional. Top-notch communicator, too! Thank you very much.
  • 94fordf250turbo
    Troy helped me out on short notice and was really helpful and courteous. Very professional 😀
  • dooten
    Great guy. Really helped me out. Troy was able to get to the yard send pics and grab the part in record time. Thanks again
  • 76Seville
    Troy was pleasant, fast and fare. He sent pictures and called to verify he had the correct parts and to see if there was any other parts from the donor vehicle I needed. Good to work with!!!
  • 914Ecology
    Read his reviews, what more can anyone say? A stand up guy with great communication. Sent me pictures of the part, pulled it, and had it boxed and shipped the next day. Thank you Troy for the outstanding service!
  • saejin
    I would work with him any time! he spotted that the part I was interested in was not usable and saved me a bunch of wasted time and money! I own you dude! Happy to send you some green for helping me.
  • Wendy7793
    Great guy to work with, really fast and got what I need. Shipped it out quick and everything we talked about working did! I would defiantly use him again!
  • 91cruiser
    Awesome communication, got me the A/C button I needed, packaged it very nicely, and shipped it to me very quickly. Thank you!
  • E30m50
    Really professional, took the time to go and see if the part I needed was still on the car , took pictures of part and described it to me in detail of the condition , then went back and removed the part , shipped it out fast , got my part that he had packaged really carefully, would highly recommend , thank u again Troy
      thanks for the kind words. I will keep an eye out for another one but if you see one listed somewhere else, I do have a few fellow parts pullers in other areas I can refer to you.. or anyone else needing help.
  • rocketman
    Troy is great, very professional and easy to work with. He will send you pics of the parts while in the yard, will follow up with you on the phone as well. Troy took the time to check out completely the part I needed. Nice job shipping the part and priced fairly. Highly recommend this puller.
  • nsprtcs
    He shared tips with a new user.
  • bk3689556
    Very helpful great contact would do business with him anytime
  • gevalt65
    Outstanding communication and absolutely trustworthy. Troy shipped me a drivers' side door from 1,700 miles away and it was exactly what I needed. He even texted me photos from the salvage yard. Flawless transaction -- I would trust him implicitly.
  • fourcam89
    5 stars! When he discovered that the part I needed was not in acceptable condition, he sent me a picture . Then referred me to another parts puller who might be able to help me out.
      thank you. this is part of my service to people.. if I cant find. I refer guys ive met thru here. sometimes I search for pullers in possible yards to refer the pull to them. Recent log in and reputation are things to look for...
  • colsteveO6
    Troy was quick to respond. Though we couldn't find the part he referred me to another Puller. I appreciate his honesty for the part he found was not as good as I needed and he sent me the picture to affirm it.
  • robhey1
    Thx for the lead.Rob
  • Dny209
    Troy is awsome ! My part was already missing from the yard but he went out there and confirmed saving me a 6 hr drive couldnt thank him enough! Excellent response time as well. Thanks again!
  • naginalf
    This dude is fookin awesome! Didn't find my part, but went out of his way to contact others across the country. Top stuff this guy is!
  • alaaw
    He was the only parts puller that answered "my parts wanted" inquiry. exchanged pic's of the parts item was shipped super fast. great communication during the process. Thanks!!!!
  • Jerry54
    Troy is an excellent part puller that will get back to you very fast and is very friendly. He has extensive automotive knowledge and experience and is extremely professional and will go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and highest part quality possible. Highly recommend if your in his area or if you need parts from one of his yards that you contact Troy as he will get the job done right the first time.
      it is good to have other pullers for the connections to get the customers what they need or want. its part of the service I provide. And to refer others to potential customers.
  • Rocketboy
    Troy was excellent!! Very responsive, fast, communicative, friendly. Sent me pictures to verify the parts. Shipped out on a weekend and received everything super fast. Excellent condition. Above and beyond. Awesome! Thanks!!!!
      keep me in mind if you need anything else for your ride.. thanks for the kind words.
  • titefd
    Troy was very helpful and went over and beyond of what I expected. He took many pictures of the parts. and removed the tailgate from the vehicle as well. unfortunately the parts were in poor shape so I did not proceed with the purchase. This of course is not a fault of Troy.. I highly recommend him for a through and valuable service he provides.
  • alwysnomi1
    This is the guy u want I text him Had pics within hour Part was shipped and I received by part next day Will be my contact for that yard
  • TCummings
    Five star service from Troy! I texted him yesterday afternoon, from Texas, looking for a part for my uncle in Redding. He responded right away, was searching for the part within a few hours, sent a picture of the part he found for me (after searching a few cars) and less than 24 hours later, he had it delivered to my uncle for me! Unbelievable service! Fair price! Sending Troy a big "thank you" from 1,500 miles away!
      thank you and glad I could help your uncle out. Hope they take care of him at the dealership now..
  • Newd
    Hey Troy, Can you keep me in mind I'm looking for an 1992-97 f-350 Complete front diff. You can email Me direct at Thanks
      thanks for the 5 stars on my feedback. will keep my eyes open for this part for you.
  • stephmarie00
    Troy messaged me right away and on that day he went and pulled the part I needed. He even offered to take extra time to mail it so if I didnt want to make the drive to where he was. I told him it was fine and I didnt mind making the trip. He charged me more then a reasonable amount and was very friendly in person. Thank you so much Troy as I was looking for my part for a long time you took care of it right away and that was very appreciated.
  • jiggity
    I met Troy thru txts a few days ago and what a great experience! I ended up finding the part I needed on my own but he communicated with me and genuinely tried to help me out. I am keeping him on my contact list for any future parts that I might need for my projects. I'm from the Midwest and it's awesome to know that someone far away from me cares enough to even consider helping me find rust free and hard to find parts. Thanks so much Troy!
  • olddavidp
    If you can find me a cherry Toreador Red passenger front fender for a 97-98 Mark VIII, I don't care where it comes from. You looked at the one in Redding for me and it wasn't acceptable. Thanks
  • gear541
    Even with a bad back, this guy got the job done. Thanks for the help. 
  • coop63
    Troy got had parts pulled and sent pictures to me within a few hours of my request. Awesome service!!!!
  • scrampage1
    Troy responded to my request to look at a car with a transmission that I wanted to get at the Redding Pick-N-Pull. He checked and told me that it had already been pulled out. Although I didn't get the part, I appreciate the effort. Thanks!!
  • BSharp
    Troy got my parts to me super fast. A-1!
  • joker7from206
    Troy got my parts and ship them with no problems. He is an awesome parts puller please lets make him #1 by leaving good reviews... thank you T.
  • nelsoncycles
    Troy responded within minutes to my post and pulled the part that day. The price was very reasonable and the next morning the part was on its way. Great Experience!
  • CalState20
    Troy was great to work with. He got me several parts off a car and gave me a fair deal. No problem whatsoever. Thanks again dude -----*****Highly Recommended*****----- -----*****Five Stars*****-----
      Thank you for the compliment. Hit me up if you need anything else. ..
  • Nissi
    Troy PULLS through (pun intended) - pulled the part, sent pics, and mailed it like - Right Away. Also - he is super reasonable and fair in his pricing. I'm impressed.
  • ssmmaciass
    Thanks for Andys into contact with him! Thanks again!
  • UNDY62
  • Hayabusarider71
    Troy did a Excellent job getting the parts for my son car that a garage lost he was quick and detail sending pictures along the process . He shipped out package fast I would definitely use him again and recommend him thank you once again
  • simmonsgman
    Troy really helped me out of bind with my missing part. I provided him a description and he allowed me to confirm that he had right part by sending me photos of it. Shipped the part the next day!! I would recommend him to anyone. Great service from this Junkyard Junkie!
  • menameissebastian
    Very kind and helpful! Would definitely recommend!
  • bcooley
    Troy was very helpful! He sent me numerous pictures and then even put me in touch with someone closer to where I live in WA so it would cost me less in shipping the parts I needed. Great guy, very helpful!! Thanks Troy
  • lliggons2011
    Very helpful and nice. Couldn't ask for better help. I live in a different state and he held it for me and cleaned it up for when I picked it up. Also looked at a couple different seats to make sure I was getting the best one. He was also very helpful making sure it would fit into my car. Would definitely contact him again in the future!
      Thank you...remember if you find one locally within the 30 days from date of receipt in your color. you can swap it out. just show the receipt. Need anything else... let me know..
  • elite151
    Very fast and easy to work with.
  • wmedwards
    Couldn't ask for a better person to pull parts for me. Very helpful, and patient with me as it was my first experience with row52. Very fair with his cost and plenty of pics to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. If need be, he will definitely be the one I contact for parts,
      Thank you.. Always here if you need more.. even if in another area.. I have a few connections with other pullers or can try and help somehow.
  • kparsons916
    Great communication. Troy texted me each step of the way and sent pictures of the part I need. Fast shipping and follow up to confirm everything was good. Couldn't ask for a better experience. Troy is AWESOME!!!!!
  • Jae
    Great guy, fast reply and helpful-also takes good pictures.
      but only 4 stars?? just curious as it killed my 5 star rating...
  • TG1 Modified on Jan 12, 2017
    Very quick to answer my ad. Very professional. Thanks.
  • lishyylish
    Very helpful. Even in rainy weather was willing to go out and search for a part for me! Really appreciate him for that. Highly recommend.
  • sla0001
    Professional,efficient,goes out of his way to get results,very knowledgeable and goal oriented,
  • 01kmac55
    He is amazing!!!!! Very quick to respond, went above and beyond my expectations!!!!!! Would definitely recommend him!!!!!! Very professional. He even went to the yard when it was raining to pull the part for me. That is what I call SERVICE!!!!!!!
  • nfournier92
    Had to get a trunk lid and fender for my Vigor. He got the parts from the yard fast, he took pictures of the parts before he pulled them and charged fair prices for the parts and shipping!! Highly recommend Troy!
      I only have my customers pay what parts cost. I don't raise the costs of parts. communication is key factor in good customer relations and is how to get repeat customers. Thank you for the comps Nick. need anything else.. let me know..
  • robinuk Modified on Oct 15, 2016
    Yes Please!, pls email me the price with p+p to zipcode 60440. Please make sure the side MIRROR (PASSENGER SIDE) me is full Electric & can be Retractable. (which has 5 pins to connect) thanks.
      Sent you pm. Thanks for reply tho wrong spot.. let me know if I can still help.
  • cdirga
    Great working with Troy! He is easy to work with and gets things done fast. Texted photos of the progress and accurate pricing. He is your guy to get the job done. I live in Sacramento, CA and the parts we're in Redding=2.5hrs away. Communication was perfect. He was even able to have his friend deliver the parts to me just for the cost of gas! This is the person you need to work with to get your parts. A+++
      Thanks for the work and the kind words. glad the timing worked out & he was able to deliver to you..
  • msaka
    Professional, helpful, fast and friendly. It was a pleasure working with him. He pulled the parts and shipped them the next day. Excellent communication through text that included photos. Would definitely work with him in the future.
  • dhp123166
    Excellent person to work with. Gets the job done correctly from start to finish. Follows directions, fees are fair, and his shipping skills are exemplary. Simply the best!
  • Commander
    He found the part I needed and shipped it to me it was awesome and I really appreciate the service He provided for me I look forward to doing business with him in the future
  • somersetstairs
    Awesome!!!!!! . Gave him the info . He pulled and shipped the part that day . texted me the pics of other parts i might need. Nice to see customer service like this still exists !!!!! Thank you
  • TundraLTD
    Very fast to respond, source the parts I was looking for and shipped them right away. Thank you. Highly recommended
  • sveling Modified on May 05, 2016
    Everything was perfect. The real deal. If you need a part and oneclassic70 replies to your request you will not be disappointed. He got right back to me with all the information I requested, gave his opinions on the parts, checked and rechecked to make sure I would get what I was looking for. Above and beyond what I expected. I would definitely be in contact with him again. Thanks again Troy
      thank you.. I am glad it worked for you. I don't like to pull parts that I wouldn't put on my own car. communication is key in these types of deals. Newcomers to Row52 being unsure of the what ifs.. I am here to get you what you need and to ensure your pleased with the parts and pulling process. thanks again for the compliment...
  • Illiniboy
    Very helpful. Lead me through the Row 52 process which was new to me. Great communication and follow through. He did everything promised and more. I got some great pictures of the parts I wanted as well as his advice on their condition. I strongly recommend Troy should you need a part.
  • Symp
    Pulled exactly what I needed as soon as possible, comforting for first time users this guy will help you out big time. Knows what he's doing! Will be back for more thanks!
      thank you for the kind words.. I treat others as I would like to be treated. I don't mind walking new people thru the procedure.
  • bobofstanwood
    pulled my part very fast shipped asap in you need a part he's your guy don't hesitate he will do what it takes to get U taken care of ASAP this is my first time using this service he made it very easy & user friendly
  • wunder555
    Fantastic to work with, great communication, and super quick shipping on the part. Nice packaging. I would recommend him for your needs.
  • vmarconcini
    Great guy!!! Willing to help and goes the extra mile. Great communication and can serve as eyes on the product. Definitely will work with him again and hopefully get some quality parts!
  • bobm
    Great guy! Good communication and fair pricing. I will definitely contact him in the future.
  • dustenhammond
    Awesome parts puller, Worked with me up In Washington State getting a door pulled and Delivered! would work with this Fella again!
  • PCS_woof
    Excellent service. Help me a lot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • XJ-Wagon
    Great experience, very helpful and informative.
  • wolfheads
    The guy really came through. Great person to deal with. Keeps you informed.
  • gs400paul
    Nothing but a 5 star I'm from the bay area he went out of his way to make it easier to pickup sent me pictures and kept me up to date If we got people in yards like this everywhere we would be the best site for recycling parts thanks again gonna do business again
  • Gkiley
    First time using this for me also and it was nice to have someone on top of it. Awesome communications I really like this. Oneclasic70 was great!!
  • Ks90
    First time using this site and thanks to Troy I will be using it again. Great communication. Pictures to make sure everything is perfect. Tracking numbers. The works. Thank you.
  • thekleppingers
    Great communication. Troy texted me each step of the way and sent pictures of each part I needed to confirm they were OK. Fast shipping and follow up to confirm everything was good. Couldn't ask for a better experience.
  • ragnar175
    This guy was a huge help, he saw a potential problem and contacted me with really helpful information to make sure that I was going to be using the right part for my truck. Next time I need a part I will be contacting him first
  • microfiz
    Honestly, I wish everyone I dealt online (be it buying, selling or just plain getting advice) could be like Troy. He really does follow the golden rule.... you know you're getting honest, reliable information. You CANNOT go wrong with this guy. Thanks a bunch, man!
  • samofdallas
    Did a great job pulling my parts and packed everything very well. I buy a lot of parts off Row 52 Pullers and I've had great and also a few bad. I will use him again..THANKS AGAIN
  • waynebuckhanan
    Troy went out of his way to check several yards and even the wholesale price for the part I needed. Great follow up via text to confirm I got the shipment. All around a great puller and great customer service!
  • laura_eubanks
    He was such a great help. He found the part quickly, looked up additional information that I would need to match the paint color, told me where I could purchase it, offered to put the part on, and then was calm and gracious when there was an issue that caused it to require extra steps/time. His level of helpfulness and excellence is a rare find! I would highly recommend him!
      thank you Laura.. I will find you a red one.. lol.. determined..
  • jazzrat2000
    Very honest and fair! Good communications, went the extra mile... He deserves the high ratings he is getting, I will definitely use him again...
  • Nich2016
    Very easy to work with and communication was great. He sent pictures and even threw inn extra screws for the car as well! Will definitely recommend him or will use again. Thank you!
  • Krisztianc
    Great communication and very generous with his time. Highly recommend.
  • martimus919
    Very reasonably priced, quick, and very good with keeping you updated and making sure he's getting you the right part. Highly recommend.
      That is what this is about. Ensuring correct part and in good condition. Communication. I wouldn't get anyone a part...if I didn't want to put on my own car..
  • Federico9332
    I could've sworn I posted my comment not long ago but I guess it didn't go through. Anyways, Troy is a great puller and want far and beyond to get my bumpers that I asked him for. He was not even a little bit mistrusting and he kept me in contact through every step of the process. Thanks alot Troy!!
      I am glad it all worked out for both of us. glad you were able to repair that bumper cover and paint looks great.. will keep in touch most definitely!!! and thanks for pulling those doors for my own car. its nice to see it without dents. lol..
  • psquared57
    Great service and quick, enjoyed working with him
  • jonjuan1977
    Excellent! All I can say! Troy was quick to respond great communication he sent the part right out and it was in great shape. I need seats too so I'll be contacting him again soon! Thanks Troy!
  • urbancurlz
    part fit perfect and was delivered quickly at a great price
  • Gail
    Great customer service and great photos. Bends over backward to help find the correct part.
      wish I had been able to get you all you needed. next time.. thank you Gail
  • propuller916
    Lot of pictures and a great customer service
  • Alyray
    Troy got a hold of me instantly, went directly to the yard and took pictures for me. He even held the part for a couple days and posted an add for a ride share to get the part to me! Absolutely amazing. Thank you!
  • jgemma
  • markinthedark59
    Good Guy got on it right away, Thanks
  • bcoli
    Troy was great to work with, went out & checked the car and saved me a bunch of time & money. Thanks Troy :-)
  • 1989-nismopower
    troy is the man he found me a part for my 1989 240sx, contacted me, confirmed it was the right part, shipped it out, I got it two days later. Super easy, fast, and stress free. Thanks troy!
  • JLav211
    Troy is the man! Checked out a car for me that didn't have the part I was looking for but he discovered some other goodies I never expected to find! Would not have happened without his eyes on the ground looking at a car for me on the other side of the country. Outstanding communication, fast shipping - that's how it's done. Thanks again.
  • truckdude57
    Great experience with Troy pulling parts for me, clean cut honest working man that shows up on time hard to find these days. Thanks again Troy
  • 9n1to6
    Very helpfull. Siento have to spend much money on gas. Oneclassic70 went out and looked to make sure it was there
      Good thing to look and save someone time and gas to see if part they need is there. Hope you find the hood you need.
  • shadowrider
    Very helpful & great communication. Got info to me in short order. Thanks Troy
  • devon925
    Very helpful and fast, found the car I was interested in and got pics of the part I needed. Thanks Troy
  • Taya
    Troy was so very helpful, he went out to the yard got me all the info needed and sent great pics to help decide if this was I needed. Unfortunately the yard didn't have the right part - but thanks to great communications and pictures. I Will call him again if parts from the Redding CA yard are needed. Thanks again!
      I treat others as I would want to be treated. I really prefer this constant communication in getting msgs and pics to customers as it gives them a better perspective of the part they are paying me to get for them. I try to do follow ups even after they get the part. I mean how often does one see a 76 Honda civic needing a roof rack for example.. seeing final pics is cool ...
  • chickenlips
    Very helpful and quick to respond. Nice guy.
    Thank you so much! Please let me know ASAP! Have a nice day!
  • omar54
    Helped me out with leads as to where to find the parts I wanted.
  • JaneDough
    Mr. "Oneclassic70" was extremely helpful in my car repair quest. He found my part, mailed it swiftly, and then helped me even more. I am very grateful to him and I recommend him without any hesitation! Thanks dude!
  • Milan
    Professional and heave lot of confidence
  • vanajed
    Troy was outstanding.
  • Articcat454
    Troy was so very helpful, he went out to the yard got me all the info needed and sent great pics to help decide if this was I wanted. he was very quick and very nice to work with. Thank you Troy!
  • Durango
    Troy is a good guy - very helpful on this website and responsive to inquiries. Wouldn't hesitate to use him.
  • daysign
    Great communication and feedback from 'oneclassic70' while in the yard. Unfortunately the yard didn't have the right part - but thanks to great communication via phone and picture while on site - time and money was saved. Will call again if parts from the Redding CA yard are needed. Thanks again!
      haven't given up yet. will let you know.. thanks..
  • jefferson1955
    Great guy to do business with, excellent communication, hope to work with again
  • calebstockman2
    Great job! Got right on it, and had good response time. Price was fair, and even texted me pics of what i wanted before purchasing them. Great guy to work with.
  • ivanzich
    oneclassic70 - is high end professional and very honest guy willing to help. Probably the best parts puller you can find here on this site.
  • tcam-star
    Responsive, great follow-thru
  • xandra
    Great working with you! Great communication.
  • bladevegas
    thanks one classic for trying to find my part.. It's not an easy part to find but thanks for trying. I will be contacting you for sure if i need anything.
  • Kirby
    A+ in my book. Troy went above and beyond finding my parts and arranging shipping. He searched multiple yards and found my parts quickly and very reasonably priced. I will definitely use for all my parts. Thanks
  • ASurita
    Very fast response reliable
  • rickjunior
    Great guy to work with. Responded quickly to my inquiry and made a special trip to the yard for me. Thanks again!!
  • mrrxmidcap
    He went above and beyond to help me. I've never used a parts puller before but after this experience I'll definitely be using them in the future! Thanks
  • SPGreg
    Good guy, excellent communication, hope to work with him again. Thank you.
  • bibrr
    Fast response, faster reaction. Definitely would deal again with him. AAA+
  • jack_MO
    Amazing guy to deal with, he went above & beyond what most people would have to try & help me get my part.. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a part in this area.. Thank you..
  • modprods
    This guy was awesome!!! Within 2 hours of placing my ad, he had answered my ad, gone to the scrap yard, found and removed the part, sent me a pic, packaged it up and had it on a fedex truck. Part was at my house in 2 days. Can't see how it could get any better than this guy. Thank you sir!
  • Safari94
    Very helpful and thorough. I will work with this puller again if the need arises. Thank you for your help. Very valuable.
  • wtrwrld143
    You need a 2001 Lincoln Navigator?
  • gaewing
    Excellent in trying to find my part. We were not successful. I would use him again!!! Very good communication and pictures in Text.
  • billstrader
    Great pull. He was very responsive and fair with his pricing. Got the parts I needed on time with no fuss.
  • Fitzgerald Modified on Jan 02, 2015
    I am updating this review because I have used Troy twice now. Awesome puller who is quick, complete, and most important... SENDS PICS FROM THE YARD. He inspected and pulled a batch of large parts for my F100. Even arranged his own shipping from Redding to Reno. Wise enough to point out things he thought I might like as well! A+++++
      thanks for the kind words. I try to find the parts for peoples needs. If the part is good to go. I will text that person with pics and if it isnt worth their money, I will let them know. I look at it as I am getting it for my own cars. once i get the okay to pull.. its a done deal. thanks again..
  • canabizz
    This dude is the real deal.Putting ME not himself first . This man can be trusted and i have found that hard too find on this sight. THANK YOU
  • Stugotz99
    This guy is good, 100%. Great pics and communication, fast service and shipping, very safe packaging, very reasonable pricing. Can't say enough good things. Thank you!
  • r100guy
    Checked out the part i was needing. Thanks!
  • wbanderson2013
  • nico
    Canadian buyer here, don't hesitate to use oneclassic70 service ! He helped me step by step in finding what I was looking for and sent it ASAP for me. Great puller and seller thanks so much for all the help and can't wait to get more stuff from you !
      thanks Nico.. let me know if you need more for that nice car of yours..
  • marks85
    Troy is great, very professional and easy to work with. He will send you pics of the parts while in the yard, will follow up with you on the phone as well. While the parts I was looking at were not worthy of purchase, Troy took the time to check it out completely for me. Highly recommend this puller.
  • reidh
    Troy communicates well and is fast at obtaining the parts and getting them shipped. E-mailed him Wednesday, parts pulled Thursday, shipped Friday. Very fair pricing. Thank you Troy!
      thank you. let me know if you need anything else. I will keep an eye out for the right side rear door for you here. you can look elsewhere also and find someone to get it for you to get your car back into looking good.
  • augustusdevandry
    Troy is very communicative and accommodating. He took photos and sent them to me before pulling or payment. Parts was accurately described. thanks Troy!
  • cnm788
    Although I didn't get the part from this puller only because another puller responded first oneclassic 70 was just wonderful to work with.. he responded promptly, within a day of my request.. the delay was on my end and by the time I responded he was on vacation.. but he was just great.. followed up with me.. I would use him again.
  • ChrisHarrison
    Very pleasant to work with and more than willing to go that extra mile to help someone out. I highly recommend to pull the parts that you need
      thanks for the comps...keep me posted if u see another one in my backyard and need parts. chico is another but that one is an hours drive to...thanks again
  • wakeboarder Modified on Apr 26, 2014
    Fantastic Job! I had a few parts pulled and had some major logistic issues to overcome it all worked out well. Communication was key and parts were well cared for with some real amazing timing! I feel lucky as hell.
      thanks for the comps. Timing was an issue but overcome. hope they work for you. still new to doing this and learning new practices of shipping.
  • TeamNorthwest1
    Need a part he's your man fast service great communication comes highly recommended will have pull many parts for me in future if you need a part from northern cal he the man to talk to thanks
      That bumper was an easy one but dang it was heavy to carry all the way up.. good deal tho vs buying new.. im into recycling parts more now. save a lot of $$ this way personally.thanks for introducing me to this world..
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