Joined: Apr 23, 2015
Bio: <br />I really enjoy working on cars. I can remove and send the part to you the same day. I will take as many pictures of the part that you require Hope to hear from you soon
Parts Puller for: Buck$ Auto Parts Calgary, PICK-n-PULL Calgary (Barlow Trail), PICK-n-PULL Calgary (52 Street), PICK A PART Mesa,
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4 Reviews
BWilde Jun 11, 2016
Roger provided fast and competent service in providing the part I required. One suggestion I have (for all pullers) when sending parts with fluids in them is to ensure they are packaged in leak-proof containers. In this case, even though the box was heavily taped, brake fluid leaked out causing the bar code to be unreadable for tracking. If the leakage had been any worse, the post office would have refused delivery.
phd_95 May 07, 2015
He is a great guy, very experienced on what he does. looking forward to working with him again
rmavrickr May 08, 2015
Thank u
GClarke May 06, 2015
I found working with Roger very pleasant. A man of his word. Looking forward to working with him again...GClarke
rmavrickr May 08, 2015
thank u
Robert_6881 May 03, 2015
Picker stayed in contact, sent pictures of all items and was prompt in getting items and fast shipping