Joined: Mar 02, 2013
Bio: can't reply from website. cellphone, best to contact 4087683700 prepaid service only. will ship same day. can go any yard if money is not your problem. Note: I don't check website 2 read messages.
Parts Puller for: PICK-n-PULL Newark, PICK-n-PULL San Jose North, PICK-n-PULL San Jose South,
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27 Reviews
guidoanchovy Mar 03, 2017
Super great guy. Fast response and got the exact part I needed and shipped it same day. Sent pics of the part, the receipts and everything. Thanks!
dhillis Jun 07, 2016
Great person to work with!! He drove to several yards to find the best conditioned part for me, sent me great pics and Goes Above and beyond. He also uses PayPal and that was a plus for me. This would be the first person I call next time around!
fatwallet May 12, 2016
This guy was great . Accuracy, honest, and fast and also fixed some other issues in my car , highly recommmended
daniel117son Mar 29, 2016
This guy was on point. Accuracy, honest, and fast. A little pricey but worth it for me. It was my first time using parts pullers and he helped me get the part and ship it from cali to New Orleans LA while saving me money.
max4me Jan 29, 2016
Great man replied promptly checked out the yard got the parts for me the very next day which was great cause I live in Bakersfield even met me half way on I-5 with the bumper I needed.
blakeafield Jul 28, 2015
Excellent, fast, easy to work with. I wouldn't use anyone else.
albertomcl Jul 14, 2015
good seller, sent me several pieces for a cabriolet vw to Spain
Paulm Jun 08, 2015
Very pleased with the service. very professional. keep me updated with what he is doing and sending picture from parts to shipping box.
EDC Feb 17, 2015
Vanagoland was very professional. Same-day service, excellent communication, and even braved Friday rush hour traffic to deliver the part.
bbuzzard Jan 07, 2015
Washington buyer totally satisfied with vanagoland. Fast efficient and professional. 5 star all the way.
nico Dec 13, 2014 Modified on Dec 13, 2014
Canada buyer here.... Vanagoland is a great picker ! he got me my stuff, sent me pics, and kept me updated along the way ! great seller will use again in the future.
Bwanifacio1 Oct 31, 2014
This man has exceptional work ethic. He contacted me, we worked out payment plans, and I received the chair the very next day! I recommend his service as he goes above and beyond for his customers. Btw, I'm in SF and he is in San Jose, yet he came out AND installed the part for me late night! Thanks for your had work and honesty.
Lalamprese Sep 14, 2014
I was very pleased with his service! Excellent communication. He went above and beyond to get the right parts for me. I highly recommend his service!!!!!
samofdallas Sep 02, 2014
Did a great job getting the parts I need for my classic. I have used him twice now and he is a loyal puller to all his customers
bayamon665 Aug 27, 2014
This Guy is the best 100% honest super fast GOD Bless this men Thanks.......
JLav211 Aug 02, 2014
This guy is QUICK. Gets the job done. Packed very well. My best experience to date, especially in terms of turnaround time and efficiency. Augustine is all-business and that's a good thing - wish there were more guys like him on Row52. Thanks again.
gavio Jul 29, 2014
Good guy, quick response.... I only ended up getting the initial inspection, as the part I was interested in wasn't complete, but he did it promptly and effectively...
262901328-msncom Jul 23, 2014
Quick, efficient, reasonable and very exact in asking questions about the pull - if it exists he will find it, pull it and ship to you. BUT the basic question should be, "Would you use Gus again?" The answer would be, "Yes." Highest recommendation.
Jaan Jul 16, 2014
What a great Guy ! Augustine went to the PNP lot for me to get a part immediately after I emailed him. Full communication, & when he got to the lot the part was missing from the car. I had already paypaled him, & when he discovered the part was missing he sent back my money within 5 minutes. He is honest, organized, and the first person you should call if you need a puller ! Highly recommended.
tristan7zavier Jul 01, 2014
Had a great experience with vanagoland, he is very professional and was out at the yard SAME DAY. He even sent me very detailed pictures and and even checked the transmission for damages and particles in the fluid. Excellent service!!! Highly recommended!!!!
jefferson1955 Jun 21, 2014
Great to work with. Fast contact ,fast shipper. Hope to deal with again.
mhane3 Jun 17, 2014
Positive experience. Very prompt, upfront about pricing and keeps you informed about status.
rickjunior Jun 17, 2014
WOW! Contacted me in less than two hours with pictures. And shipped out parts the same day. Saved me time and gas money from driving to to the yard myself. Vanagoland is the ONLY puller you should contact for parts in the San Jose area.
jaysomething Jun 13, 2014
Great feedback, would for sure use him again.. cheers
KarlWinner May 28, 2014
Recommended, would call him again! He went next day after I contacted him to get a part that is in high demand and disappears quickly from yards. He sent photos to verify part, pulled the part and shipped it same day! Very fast.
PADANNEO Apr 08, 2014
Very helpful. Sent pictures and description. Would not hesitate to contact again! Thanks!
carmiendo Mar 07, 2014
totally awesome! sent me the part within just a few days!
vanagoland Mar 07, 2014
thanks and don't hesitate to contact me again in the future.