Joined: Dec 14, 2015
Bio: Welder by trade mechanic by heart i used to be a precision high end tig welder in a machine shop tolerances and thermal expansion.That is what sets me apart from other mechanics im honest, motivated.and get it done.
Parts Puller for: PULL-N-SAVE Salt Lake City, PICK-n-PULL Salt Lake City, Tear A Part, Tearapart,
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2 Reviews
wfarley15 Mar 20, 2018
I highly recommend Shawn for your part pulling needs. He responded quickly, pulled the parts the following day and shipped quickly. Clear and fair pricing. Thank you.
forsythshawn26 Mar 26, 2018
you are welcome ill keep my eyes out for other parts as well
nsprtcs Mar 09, 2018
Responded to my PM with his phone number and I texted him some photos. He was very helpful. I ended up meeting him at the yard and we pulled parts together for a while. In a situation like that, you might want to ask what his hourly rate is. Nice to talk to and very helpful. Thank you!
forsythshawn26 Mar 26, 2018
you are welcome i enjoyed pulling parts with you im still looking for the switch.