Joined: Jul 04, 2013
Bio: I am here to help people get the right parts so they can fix their cars.I can pull anything you can contact me at 206 423 7155 please text if possible thank you
Parts Puller for: PICK-n-PULL Tacoma, PICK-n-PULL Lynnwood,
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115 Reviews
Derekvandamme Aug 05, 2018
Within minutes of contacting I received feedback and a picture of the part I was looking for!
dfoyl Jul 13, 2018
Great communication, very helpful and will be using again in the future for my parts needs. Thanks!
jthorup Jul 09, 2018
Excellent Communication and willingness to help find the parts that I need!!!
saejin Jun 21, 2018
Lots of help, and a cool ride to boot!
ebermerced May 25, 2018
Excellent assistance from this Part Puller!! Thanks!!!
nicolek May 24, 2018
Super quick response and communication. Found and pulled the part I needed, made sure to send some pictures first to make sure it was what I was looking for. Super helpful and polite! He pulled the part on a Monday and got it shipped out to me by Wednesday! Very happy with his service and highly recommend.
jdonnen May 14, 2018
Prompt, effective help in my parts query.
zacksmith May 13, 2018
Man, this guy is an absolute life saver, I've been searching for months for a part for my fx16 gts. Called over in Australia emailed some people in japan no luck. Made a post on here and within 2 hours joker had messaged me back, telling me he had the part I need plus more!!! He is a great guy to deal with, very fast, very responsive, very knowledgeable and very professional. If I ever need anything for my fx16 hes going to be my first call.
dougc356 May 12, 2018
Found the part that I needed for my 80 Toyota Pickup.
Blainethemono May 03, 2018
Great Guy, excellent service......
jesseg5 May 01, 2018
Thanks for the help!!!
bunger2 Apr 29, 2018
Responded to my request within a few hours and tracked down the part I needed in a couple days. Efficient and great to work with
Stumoon19 Apr 24, 2018
Quick response to my request with picture of the part and price. Part shipped in less than 24 hours. This guy is outstanding and highly recommended!
jazzrat2000 Apr 23, 2018
Fast service, communication quick and clear, sent a pic to make sure it wasa what I needed... Highly recommended!!
Whiteoutsupra Apr 09, 2018
Did a great job checking out part currently in yard. Parts was not good but is going to keep an eye out for me.
vacuumbed Mar 09, 2018
Joker7 was great to work with, very friendly and prompt.
bpimm Mar 09, 2018
Great first experience on Row 52. Joker7 was great to deal with, photos of the parts before he pulled them to get my OK. Fast and professional transaction. I highly recommend him.
Rbsweet Feb 23, 2018
Excellent first time experience using!! Joker7 was Very professional and friendly. He provided a picture of the actual car he was taking the parts from and cleaned them before shipping :D very thoughtful and curtious! Highly recommended and the first parts puller ill go to on row52!
clcwiklik2 Feb 09, 2018
Thank you for finding a part that works even though it was not from the same model or year - Joker7 checked the part with the wrecking yard and sent photo.
Emmyjoy Feb 07, 2018
Thank you so much for your help. I appreciated the friendly and quick communication. Great rate for part and all around helpful person. Looking forward to working with you in the future. :)
XJ-Wagon Feb 07, 2018
A+++ 6 Star Rating. Very helpful and informative and honest. He answered my post very fast and I have my part in less then a week on the other side of the country.
oneclassic70 Jan 25, 2018
I am a fellow parts puller in Redding Ca and have pulled some parts for him. Smooth transactions. is good to have connections in other yards too..
lujason09 Jan 25, 2018
Great service and great communication. Made sure part was in a okay condition before selling it. Highly recommend.
sailorbob Jan 13, 2018
Great service. Great communication. Great follow-up to make sure part was received in good condition. Very prompt.
st1800e Dec 25, 2017
Very prompt, responded to my request same day and went out the next morning and located the part in short order. Thanks.
G3CamryCpeHunter Dec 22, 2017
I searched for an extremely rare car part for over 4 months, Nationwide! then someone suggested Row52, I never heard of it- u-pull its in our state don't participate... I found Juan (Joker) and next day he hit a few of his favorite lots, and found me an acceptable part in one day! this forum, and this member are AWESOME!
topendsteve Dec 18, 2017
Great experience...Great communication...I hope I need more parts from him...Highly recommended..
mmcgeatchy Dec 17, 2017
Excellent communication, fast, friendly, helpful and courteous you couldn't ask for more!
wbMoore Nov 25, 2017
Joker7 is an excellent Puller. He Literally went out of his way to get the parts I was looking for.....50 miles out of his way. He then shipped the parts in an economic and quick manner. Will Absolutely use again. THANKS.
CAR2506 Oct 26, 2017
Did great work, made sure the correct part was pulled. Was very quick getting back to me with responses to my questions and requests. Part shipped on time was also provided a tracking number
jabeard9 Oct 03, 2017
Square business!! .. quick and responsive .. will request again!! I’m more than happy
van_damnit Sep 25, 2017
Pulled and shipped at reasonable rates.
RichyM Sep 23, 2017
Very prompt & trustworthy. My part was shipped to Canada & received within days for a reasonable price. Thanks!
pvanderh Aug 31, 2017
Awesome service and shipping! Thanks!
starquestman Jul 31, 2017
Thanks for the big help!
rhedges9 Jul 24, 2017
I am very happy with Joker7from206 taking the time to get my needed parts and also taking extra care in packing and shipping them. Success. RH
miguel19061 May 02, 2017
Request part 0n Mar 27-2017. Joker7 was prompt and very efficient, realiable. Thank you.
71-73 Apr 19, 2017
Very prompt professional service! parts as described THANK YOU!
wayneivey1a Feb 28, 2017
This has been the most professional person I have worked with. Really amazing service.
tucuxi Feb 17, 2017
Needed 1996 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L 5SFE alternator pigtail connector. Excellent puller who sent pictures of part, verified it was the correct part, sent tracking number and picture of package. Very thorough and easy to work with. Great Job!!
jb1973 Feb 14, 2017
Needed a harmonic balance pulley for my 1995 Acura Legend and had it in no time. Great service and professional.
seattlebrandon Jan 13, 2017
Didn't end up getting any parts as the cars did not have them available, but great service! Highly recommend.
Rover215 Nov 26, 2016
Super fast and easy to work with. I highly recommend this member!
Rob_Magnuson Nov 10, 2016
AAA service !!!! Excellent puller, responsive and super fast shipping. Highly Recommended!!
Jeffmorgan Nov 09, 2016
Mario went out of is way to help me with finding parts for my somewhat rare Infiniti M30. I would use him again in a heartbeat. Very friendly, great service. A++++++++++Thanks so much.
arenareyes Oct 26, 2016
Great person to work with. Very quick response, sends pic to make sure you like it.
NateBelsheim Oct 14, 2016
I definitely recommend this guy! Very responsive. Quick and easy transaction. A++++
bfink1 Oct 04, 2016
This person responded very fast to my request, it was no longer available on this subject vehicle but he sent me a pic and told me so, THANKS! hearing that news kept me informed. good guy.
Dodgemann Sep 29, 2016
I have used Mario a couple of times now to pull parts for me being I live in Oregon. He has been excellent to work with, very friendly, very fair and has great communication. There cannot be a better person to work with!!
Rollins Sep 22, 2016
Great price! Guy totally gave me a hookup on a hard to find part. If I ever need anything im texting him first.
bherfel Sep 13, 2016
Very Impressed. Very good with communication from ensuring he pulls the correct part to shipping the fact he checked with me everyday until the part arrived. Highly recommended.
moonmari Sep 13, 2016
Friendly and fast — I posted a needed part on Saturday and had it in hand by Monday afternoon! Saved me a lot of money.
Chessur91 Aug 29, 2016
Friendly and fast. Excellent communication. love the pictures he sends of the vehicle he will be taking parts from. Parts arrive clean and in excellent condition. packages parts with lots of care... love it!! Will do business again. I highly recommend.
luisgpr2005 Aug 25, 2016
Outstanding Part Puller, Friendly and Fast Response. Excellent on the Description on the part(s) I was looking for, Reasonable and Super Fast in Shipping. Will do business very soon. Two Thumbs Up for Joker7from206....100% Recommended Part Puller.
frdmstang Aug 21, 2016
Fast, helpful, and communicative. Thanks!
MTLRCKS Aug 17, 2016
This guy has a good eye for quality parts and takes the time to clean them. his labor is very fair and he has Very fast shipping!! i will be going to him for our hard to find parts needs. Thanks for all your help!!
yvdunk Aug 03, 2016
Excellent puller, responsive and super fast shiping. highly recommended!!
harlygold Aug 02, 2016
This is a late a late review, but I am just getting use to this blog page. the parts that were requested were spot on perfect for what I got. Thank you again very much for the ECU for my sidekick.
jeff_jonientz Jul 12, 2016
Although he didn't pull anything for me, he did give me a tip for finding a car elsewhere that resulted in me finding some other parts. Very helpful! Will definitely use him in the future if needed!!!
littlesnides Jul 10, 2016
Excellent puller, gave good description, reasonable price, and fast shipping. Looking forward to doing business again!
steborm Jul 06, 2016 Modified on Jul 06, 2016
What a great way to buy a part. This guy was detailed, provided
Cowvaca Jul 05, 2016
This guy is amazing! He was very quick to respond and provided lots of good quality photos so I knew exactly what I was getting. He was able to pull parts and ship them the same day. Will definitely work with him again, and would refer him to anyone looking for parts.
PatrickJohnson Jul 04, 2016
He was super helpful and very respectful. He responded quickly and sent a bunch of pictures. When I was not sure about the paint color, he sent me the color code so that I could be sure that the part was perfect for my car. Great person and would totally use him again.
nomadicmitch Jun 21, 2016
This guy was great. Got an exact OEM part shipped flat rate and a tracking number from him immediately after payment. Great communication and excellent photos of my part to double check it was right. 100% recommend him. Thanks very much!!
ghosti Jun 14, 2016
Outstanding. He found the part I needed the same day I posted, and he shipped it off that day. I had the part in three days. Thank you joker7from206. Sincerely ghosti.
palmerj39 Jun 13, 2016
great work, and has very good communication . I would recommend this guy to anyone
ksk63 Jun 01, 2016
Great work good communicatrion and fair pricing thanks again will use him in the future
Stugotz99 Jun 01, 2016
Good guy. Pictures by text, great communication, immediate and secure shipping with tracking number provided. Recommend!
tsueepps May 28, 2016
Prompt service, photos of desired part sent by text, constant communication throughout process, reasonable fee. Could not have asked for better service. I got exactly what I needed in a timely manner. This guy totally rocks!
jahart May 03, 2016
Excellent Communication!!! I'm in Chicago IL, he's ...he's in.... I don't know where he is (Don't Care) but what I do know is, he was the only one to list his number for Instant Service and gave that to me. I'm not worried about where he's located because many places that we buy from is Not near us and yet we trust them to be professional and deliver what we paid for. This he will do.
skaughtto Apr 25, 2016
Pulled the part I was looking for and shipped it to me super fast! Great deal!
JimmyB Apr 24, 2016
Very highly recommended, kept in touch via text, super quick shipping, part nicely cleaned and packaged. Would definitely work with him again. Thank you!
Suaveguero3 Apr 22, 2016
This guy is great, he will go above and beyond to help you out. Great communication, pulled my parts, mailed them to me perfectly packaged to avoid damage, He even cleaned them up before he sent them. You couldnt ask for a more helpful Parts Puller. Highly recommended, nice, trustworthy guy.
JLav211 Apr 01, 2016
Awesome puller. Very fast. Went out of his way to check out a car for me. Would highly recommend and hope to work with again in the future.
jvanorsdal Mar 25, 2016
Excellent communication, photos and shipping time. Without my asking, he actually went back to get me a nicer part than the one he originally found for me. I couldn't be happier.
soarhead25 Mar 21, 2016
This guy is the real deal. Good communication, found a good working part, and shipped it all at a reasonable price. He really helped me and my customer out of a jam by finding a very old part that is extremely scarce. Will be my first call next time I need something.
TomFedele Mar 20, 2016
Excellent service! Took the time necessary to find the right part for my older Subaru. Sent pics to show condition of part. Absolutely on target with everything from automotive expertise to shipping the part fast. I got it in just a few days …….I have an older truck as well and, should the need arise, I know where to make my first inquiry. I'd give more stars if I could but five is all we get…….. Thanks Mario!
TJ94044 Mar 19, 2016
Great communication, patient and diligent finding an out of production rare OEM part. When the parts were located they were removed and shipped the same day....smooth.
greenergrey Mar 06, 2016
Mario saved my a** and helped me find the part I needed so fast. He knew where to look at places I never would have thought of. Highly recommend! I'll definitely contact him again for help in the future.
mnavarrete Feb 16, 2016
This guy is on point, super fast and reliable. Also very detailed oriented sends pics of every part before shipping out. If I need more parts for my truck he's my go to guy, always a pleasure doing business.
doodle6 Feb 13, 2016
This guy is a fantastic resource for anyone who can't find their parts at a nearby boneyard. Excellent communication, knowledgeable, fast, resourceful, takes a lot of initiative to get the job done, great followup to make sure what he sent works for you. Can't recommend highly enough. The long list of glowing recommendations says it all. Trust him - you won't be disappointed.
guthriecolin Feb 10, 2016
Great to do business with, local and great to deal with a puller that knows his stuff. Keeping his info in my address book for a couple shops I work with.
atennent3 Jan 30, 2016
I thought Joker was great. Always very polite to speak to during the process. And although my part was rare and not available at any wrecking yards, he found a new one for me on Ebay and sent me the link without me even asking. I would definitely work with Joker again any time, I highly recommend him. Alex
torraco Jan 23, 2016
I found Joker surfing row 52 for parts. He very responsive and help full. He found the very rare parts I needed. I recommend Joker for anyone looking for a rare good parts puller.
MadelineJain Jan 21, 2016
Got me a window for my wagon super fast and at a great price! Great guy will definitely be going back to him in the future for more parts!
aquaticedge Dec 26, 2015
Excellent communication, got me my parts lightning fast, I could not be happier! thank you very much! worked overtime to send me detailed pictures, Highly recommend!
charlesm19 Nov 19, 2015
Best help ever. Couldn't personally help me but still found my part and arranged the shipment at his cost but someone else's profit. Good people still do exist.
gotnoclue Nov 10, 2015
I'd give 6 stars too if I could.Great job. Prompt service.Made sure got me right part.He made sure I received item. Someone you can trust. I will use again for sure.
hyghlyflammable Oct 28, 2015
Great job! Very attentive to my specific needs and very responsive to my requests in a time efficient manner. Would recommend this service to anyone.
SAK47 Oct 26, 2015
I would give him 6 stars if I could! Parts pulled in a professional manner; parts exactly as described in his excellent communications; parts packed well and shipped promptly; reasonable fees for his services. I would contact him for future parts needs in a heartbeat.
txcrowells Oct 24, 2015
Great deal, prompt plus communication, could not ask for more, thanks
jazzim68 Oct 19, 2015
Excellent customer service. Very prompt & considerate. Had parts pulled with several photos B4 I could respond. Great communication. Will contact him first for any parts I need in the future
KLC Oct 16, 2015
Great customer service. Sent pictures from several angles, including the part number. Great communication. Super nice guy. Awesome experience. I know where to go next time I need parts.
mexpr24 Oct 15, 2015
MustangMuscle said it all (Great communication with pictures, shipping, emails, texts and follow up) cant get any better than that. thank you
MustangMuscle Oct 01, 2015
Great communication with pictures, shipping, emails, texts and follow up on everything. Gone the extra mile.
bastien_ja Sep 30, 2015
Great puller, took pictures to ensure the headlight motor was the correct part, Tested it to make sure it was working, packed and shipped quickly. The part arrived quickly and after inspection was in great condition! Thanks a lot!
Branelle Sep 05, 2015
Mario has the best customer service that you could ever hope to find. He provided a rear, center bumper bracket for my '96 Accent sedan that was very hard to find. He also made a special trip back to the yard to pull discontinued bolts. I will have him look for other parts I need in the future. I am in the "salt belt," and most cars from the '90s in salvage yards near me are all rusted out. Mario gave great detail to my needs, sent photographs, and answered private messages.
nikolasmartinez1 Sep 05, 2015
I was looking for a set of a bit rare parts for my 85 Nissan 300zx. Jokerfromthe206 contacted me, and not only found the parts that I needed, (door mirror seal) also helped me find a reflective plate I needed as well. I will deal with him in the future.
dkucheran Sep 03, 2015
good communication , excellent customer service , a pleasure to deal with
wguyette88 Aug 29, 2015
Everyone here is spot on! Mario clearly takes pride in what he does, and definitely goes out of his way to help you get what you need. In refitting my very hard-to-find Nissan NX2ooo he attacked the project with gusto and delivered more than I could have imagined. Will definitely be in touch with him from here on out for the parts I need. Fast response, fast shipping, very reasonably priced. Yeah, he's in my contacts list now.
Bluespop Aug 26, 2015
Mario has the best customer service you could ever hope to find. He provided high pressure fuel pump lines for my 96 Astro van that was very hard to find. He also found a part for my son's S-10 pick up truck. We now have him looking for other parts we need. We are in a remote area and don't have local access to salvage yards.. Mario gave great detail to our needs, sending photos and answering email.. Thank you Mario for your great service. Highly reccomend..
GretaJane Aug 26, 2015
I was delighted by Mario's service. He is very kind and attentive to detail and follow up. I got my part.
flapdoodle21 Aug 22, 2015
I needed a very specific set of bolts that was only used on one model of Nissan for about 3 years and hasn't been in production in more than a decade. He found the exact bolts I needed within 24 hours, complete with washers, and even cleaned them for me.
dauntless71 Aug 15, 2015
Sent text last night and he had part this afternoon. Knew exactly what I wanted. Fair price, good part. I recommend Mario highly and definitely will use him again! Thanks Mario. Marc
calexander Aug 14, 2015
Mario was fast and well priced. Great experience, I highly recommend working with Joker7from206! A+++
Aqua57man Aug 12, 2015
Looking for a part for awhile, joker7 contacted me with the part and it was across the country in 2 days.. Just had the part installed today and it works great.. I would highly recommend this puller and will definitely use again. Thanks WFC
Raymann Aug 06, 2015
Very prompt service, found discontinued parts I couldn't locate anywhere. Will contact again for service. Thanks!!!
triggerman2101 Aug 01, 2015
really dependable and checks if u received ur package , trustworthy and works fast.,,HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!!!AND PARTS ARE REALLY NICE!!!!!
presjerrybrown Jul 27, 2015
Really choice puller even checked in to see if my part had arrived. Can't say enough to other than I'll use him in the future.
twochiefsllc Jul 20, 2015
Wow. Quick find on a hard part and fast shipping. Use this guy!!!!!
paperspiders Jul 20, 2015
Highly recommended! Great communication! Reasonable prices! Got what I wanted very fast and sent pictures of what he found. Helped me get other pieces I wanted as well while I was at the yard. Best customer service! Thanks for helping me!
smdowell Jul 14, 2015
He spent time on several vehicles without the right one being there :(. I so appreciate all the time he put in so Kudo's to you joker7 from the 206. I will keep you on my radar as you are close to home for me. It looks like the part may have been found. Wont know until I see a pic. Thanks again for all your hard work.
billking62 Jul 11, 2015
Great Guy!! He found the part I needed desperately, sent pictures in advance, good communicator. made my day!
Mrmora Jul 08, 2015
Wow! Super awesome to work with, I thought all was lost with trying to find a particular part. He contacted me about heading to find thr part. He later emailed me me pictures of the parts he found. Super quick on shipping, and cost was affordable.
Raider Apr 25, 2015
He found the right part quickly. He communicated with me step by step with pictures. He pulled my part, cleaned it. He showed me a review of the charges and was fair with his price. I sent the money through paypal by 3pm and I had the part at my house by 3pm the next day! Awesome job and I highly recommend him.