Joined: Apr 13, 2014
Bio: Due to family medical issues I will not be pulling parts at this time. I am fulfilling requests previously received, but am not taking on new requests at this time.
Parts Puller for: PICK-n-PULL Sparks, PICK-n-PULL Carson City, PICK-n-PULL Richmond, PICK-n-PULL Sacramento,
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33 Reviews
brimoton Mar 24, 2017 Modified on Mar 24, 2017
Can't say enough good things about Scott. There's a reason he has so many five star reviews. Fair, honest, good communication, lots of pics, PATIENT, and really does try hard to get you the exact part you want. Consider yourself lucky if you get a message from Wildes58 asking you what parts you're looking for. Thanks again Scott, and I hope to do business with you again.
Jae Mar 01, 2017
Fellow has integrity; with his schedule he displays wisdom and patience. I got the part that I needed and it worked great.
1985Jetta Dec 16, 2016
If I could give Scott ten stars I would.  My mechanic put me on the hunt for an obsolete part for my 1985 Jetta.  Scott replied promptly to my initial text message and from then on kept me updated every step of the way.  He always wrote in complete sentences without automotive jargon, and just generally made this as painless and pleasant an experience as could be imagined.  He packaged the part carefully, quickly sent it to my mechanic, and was more than fair in the price for his service.  Really, if you need a part from Carson City or Sparks, look no further than Scott.
kev4eva Nov 30, 2016
Awesome, very good to do business with, honest person A++
dfoyl Nov 19, 2016
Scott was great, he helped pull some unusual BRAT parts for me and sent through lots of photos. Price was really fair too.
jefferson1955 Sep 02, 2016
Great to work with. Highly recommend. Hope more stuff I needs ends up in yards he works
wildes58 Sep 26, 2016
It was great speaking with you and I hope the seatbelts for you Fairmont work out.
TandC_Ken Aug 30, 2016
Went the extra mile(s) to get me the part that I needed and at a more than reasonable price. He must do this for the love of it because with his prices, I don't see how he can make any money! I'm definitely using him again and again. Thanks for the tail light.
wildes58 Sep 26, 2016
It was no trouble grabbing the taillight from Sparks and meeting where we did was very convenient. I like pulling parts for locals like yourselves. Thank you for the opportunity.
aarondward Aug 04, 2016
Best parts puller my family has used. Needed some hard to find springs. He has them pulled in no time, sent us lots of pictures and had them shipped very fast. Would recommend to anyone. Prices were good and service was spectacular.
wildes58 Sep 26, 2016
Thank you for the compliments. Having pulled parts off the same Waggy for myself I knew exactly what you were looking for. Glad we could get you the springs before it got crushed.
vpphill Jul 23, 2016
Extremely pleased with service and parts received. Good communication and prompt service. Very reliable. Highly recommend.
wildes58 Sep 26, 2016
I remember seeing the Civic come in the whole car for sale section and when it hit the yard. So when you told me what you wanted I was already familiar with the car. Happy to know you are pleased with the parts.
74RedCourier Jul 18, 2016
Wildes58 did a fantastic job for me. I live in Indiana and wanted rust free parts for my 1974 Ford Courier build. I was a little nervous about hiring a puller, but Wildes58 went above and beyond for me. I give him 5 stars and a big thumbs up. He was great. Don't hesitate to hire Wildes58.
Seville_sts_hunter Jun 21, 2016
This guy is the real deal, very quick and detailed with excellent pictures, and very fair on shipping and pulling prices. If every puller was this good row52 would be on fire.
amistydj Jun 14, 2016
Man this guy is class, found me a window for my old bird. Communication was great. Will continue to do business with him. Thanks
wildes58 Sep 26, 2016
Still looking for other parts you've asked for and hope to have a lead or two soon. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help with your build, it's going to look great.
Surfersteve1974 Mar 15, 2016
Excellent guy to do business with! Great communication all the way through the process which made me feel at ease with myself being based in the UK. Parts were well packaged plus were pulled and shipped when promised. Will definitely use again! Cheers once again
wildes58 Sep 26, 2016
I pride myself on never having a complaint for something being broken during shipment, so knowing your Brat parts got to you safely is a relief on my end. Too bad some of the other parts you wanted were gone or damaged.
vw62rag Jan 12, 2016
cant say enough good about this guy ! he helped me out a TON, pulled a huge door for me took pictures and held it for me until i could figure out shipping 1600 miles away ! this guys a PRO !
wildes58 Jan 15, 2016
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help with your Jetta.
SlimSlowSlider Jan 05, 2016
Great to do business with. Professional and courteous. Will do business with again. 5 Stars!!
TeamNorthwest1 Nov 30, 2015
12 ************ stars great puller will go to him every chance I get he's the 1 to contact if u need a part he takes care of his clients & trust me I know this business good pullers are hard to find u can take my word count on him every time he's a great puller he's there to help
mtuckit Nov 29, 2015
Wildes58...5 stars i'm happy ...he had gotten parts for me i would say if he is the guy to help you out if he can Good Communication, descent prices and will work with you. He sent me pics of the parts used paypal to pay and fast s/h...i will use him again for parts in his location...THANKS A BUNCH MANN...ttyl ..PEACE
azrvowl Oct 11, 2015
Great communication and photo..Thanks
dannongray Sep 14, 2015
Very thorough and informative. I hope to do business with him again!!
Gregsgarage Aug 16, 2015
Awesome guy! Pulled parts for me off an old Volvo and I could have not been happier! Hope you are doing well and remember me when you find old Volvos!! :) Cheers!
wildes58 Sep 16, 2015
Things are going well and hope they are for you as well.
mrslater2004 Jun 08, 2015
Good communication and decent price. He made a fast delivery too. Thanks
ebaymagik May 26, 2015
No Hassle Parts Puller...Gets The Job Done...And Quick To Ship. Highly Recommended! Thanks
albertomcl May 18, 2015
Incredible puller, thanks for all, regards from Spain
wildes58 May 21, 2015
It was my pleasure, just sorry I couldn't find the right belt supports.
chopshop64 May 15, 2015
Very happy with this parts puller. Got the hard to find parts that the junk yards near me did not have. Very happy, will use again for sure. 5 Starr rating Every day! Packaged my items up very well and shipped fast. Thanks for helping the little guys!!!
wildes58 May 21, 2015
Thank you for letting me serve your needs. Hopefully I can find the other parts for your Toyotas that you're looking for.
83trekker May 05, 2015
Wildes58 is great, tried to find everything I asked but was limited cause there's not many of my trucks around anymore, everything was packed good, shipped fast and really easy to deal with, I recommend him to everyone and you can truly trust him.
wildes58 May 06, 2015
Kevin, thank you for trusting me with your request. Hope the restoration of your Toy goes well.
Cabbagehats Mar 04, 2015
Wildes58 is the man. Very professional, courteous, every part was packaged with care. very communicative, he made sure I was happy with the parts and answered every question. A very genuine person, I highly recommend him.
tommyP427 Mar 03, 2015
Prompt, great communication, knows his way around a car and can efficiently remove parts. Expert packaging, effective photos, patient, coconscious, does a great job. This was a very positive experience getting parts for my 32 yo Toronado. I hope to do business again with Mr. Wildes58.
wildes58 May 06, 2015
It was great working with you Toronado Tom. Thanks for the opportunity.
dilny21 Feb 21, 2015
Very professional! Highly recommended. I was very satisfied with all aspects of transaction.
wildes58 Mar 02, 2015
I'm glad the housing worked and hope it continues working for your Honda. Thank you for the kind words.
djcommie Feb 14, 2015
Well spoken, a pleasure to work with. My parts were pulled with care and packaged equally well. Definitely recommended!
wildes58 Mar 02, 2015
It was fun pulling these parts from this old Subaru. I just wish I could have gotten the instrument cluster and carb for you. Thank you for the opportunity.
zak_dizzle Jan 27, 2015
Good communication and pictures from the yard. He sent a couple pictures of the part and I saw that the part was already tampered with, so I had to turn it down. He was understanding and even refused to accept a payment for his efforts. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. Thanks
wildes58 Jan 29, 2015
Sorry this part wouldn't work for you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
litoabat Jan 06, 2015
Very professional, easy to communicate with....highly recommended.
wildes58 Jan 29, 2015
Providing pictures, especially of obscure parts, helps pullers ensue they are pulling what you are asking for. Thank you for being clear in your request.
Fitzgerald Dec 22, 2014
The 2 most important virtues of a good Parts Puller. 1) Communication 2) Pictures from the yard! Wildes58 has got 'em and for that 5 stars.
wildes58 Dec 24, 2014
Fitz, thanks for the review. Coming from someone that takes as much pride in their service as you do it means a lot. I know we've pulled parts from the same truck, hope yours is going well.
Richard1050 Dec 08, 2014
Knowledgable, skilled, easy to communicate with in real time, sends pictures. Experienced in packaging and shipping. Would absolutely recommend! Got all my parts in good shape, keep it up!!
wildes58 Dec 24, 2014
Thank you for the great review Richard. Having a clear understanding of what parts you wanted made this such an easy pull. Hope things are going well with your Tercel restoration.