Joined: Jul 23, 2014
Bio: Unfortunately I have been unable to make it to a yard in months. Currently it would be in your best interest to utilize a different Puller. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for you.
Parts Puller for: PICK-n-PULL Tumwater, NW Auto Recyclers Lake Stevens, PICK-n-PULL Lynnwood, PICK-n-PULL Tacoma, PICK-n-PULL Arlington,
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17 Reviews
Soulwind Oct 22, 2014
Solid deal. Super communications. Fair pricing. Fast turn around. Needed 9 parts to repair our SUV. These included two large parts (bumper and fender). I found a donor car at a yard that was 3 hour drive from my home,  6 hours round trip. I asked if I could pay him to meet me half way so that I only had to drive three hours round trip. He agreed and gave me an estimate that was very close to the numbers I came up with. The whole arrangement came off perfectly.
grant1984 Oct 22, 2014
Couldn't find a part for my van in Canada and FullTimePuller pulled me out of a jam... timely, a good communicator, and trustworthy... Sent him money via Western Union and the "right" part came as promised within days... Thanks
OldSchool Oct 07, 2014
Professional, ethical, and extremely trustworthy. Knows his business well enough to choose the "right" part over the least expensive. You can expect the job to be done right the first time.
matinav Oct 06, 2014
This man keeps my Ford running. He knows all kinds of cars and motorcycles and is trustworthy. He not only knows where to get good parts, he knows how to install them as well. I trust him alone in my house and that says alot.
Lyndajensen Oct 05, 2014
I would definitely make a call to this man for help. I've known him for years and trust his knowledge and expertise!
kenazfehu Oct 05, 2014
Made our Dodge Dakota run smoothly again and left it clean. Reliable and ethical. I agree - you won't be disappointed.
TheBaron212 Oct 05, 2014 Modified on Oct 05, 2014
If I couldn't do my own work THIS would be the man I called. Known him for years and is he knows cars, trucks and Harleys. :-) You wont be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mightymachtog Oct 05, 2014
Very Professional and HONEST. Really knows allot about the car parts industry.. Great value getting it right the first time. THE BEST ALL AROUND
dodgecountrygirl Oct 05, 2014
A***** He does awesome work. Does what he says he's going to do. He pulled parts for my truck and helped install. Pulled a motor for my brother's car, and installed. I would use him in a heartbeat when ever my stuff breaks, because come on we all know our vehicles break. He will be pulling some parts for my parents vehicles real soon. Was a pleasure doing business with.
SarahGadway Oct 05, 2014
He knows what's he is doing, his knowledge base is incredible. A real stand up honest family man. I would trust him with any issues I come across and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs parts!
jeffroid Oct 03, 2014
I had a great experience with FullTimePuller. He found what I was looking for FAST and delivered. I would definitely not hesitate to work with him again.
AaronPaul Sep 24, 2014
Awesome Guy! Knows his stuff. Came to me to help out with Valve Cover Gaskets and ended up tuning my Carb and adjusting my timing while he was there! He' s pulling more parts for my 79 F150 this week! I'll keep using him for all my parts scrounging as I don't have time to hit the yards myself.
Jssec Sep 19, 2014
Needed a side spare tire mount for a 78 F350 Camper Special never thought I would find one. Shipped me one all the way across country like new no rust brackets bolts and all. Reasonable price and shipping. Thank You.
FullTimePuller Sep 29, 2014
Are you in need of any more parts? There's an SCS in yard close to me.
GruesomeJeans Sep 19, 2014
I've got a 78 bronco in need of a lot of parts but working my schedule limits any yard time. This guy picks a lot of parts and usually has what I need on hand! Thanks!
Becca Sep 18, 2014
Incredibly knowledgeable! He will go anywhere and find what you need. Gives excellent advice on both the parts you need, and if you have questions on what you can do to improve on your project, he's happy to troubleshoot with you. I will always use him.
bsteel04 Sep 14, 2014
Reliable. I'm disabled right now, so I couldn't drive to get to him. He came to me with the right parts and kept his word on price. Good guy to converse with too. I'll use him again
goya Sep 13, 2014
Flexible and accommodating for my very particular parts search, willing to listen to help me get what I want and need. Describes mechanical fabrication skills to broaden options. Responsive in communication, reasonable rates.