Joined: Apr 23, 2015
Bio: Engine Transmission and small parts anything you need I'll get it for you fast and professional call Ed please text or call 916 410 3128 thank you the phone is the easier option for me I will get back to you right away
Parts Puller for: PICK-n-PULL Antelope, PICK-n-PULL Fairfield, PICK-n-PULL Rancho Cordova, PICK-n-PULL Rocklin, PICK-n-PULL Sacramento,
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27 Reviews
raw_roger Apr 16, 2018
Scenario: I called Ed at 4:20pm on 4/7 and asked about having a dead rear axel pulled for my Saturn. At approximately 5:40pm the same day it was being loaded into the back of my El Camino. A+ service all the way. Thank you Ed and thank you Alex. BTW, they installed it for me the next day.
brian1969 Apr 04, 2018
flake so disapointed in his service!!!!!!
need-part Mar 25, 2018
Good Quality People Ready Reliable All But Honest Tells You What He Is Going to do and Performs, or he tells you if he cant honesty a big plus and also cares to help you and give you good leads. Good experience need more people like him.
dhp123166 Sep 10, 2017
Called him on 9.6.17 to pull parts off a vehicle in Rocklin. He said he would check it out first thing. Never heard back from him.Sad.
mfontana Jul 29, 2016
Ed has great communication. Went to the yard 3 times for me. Fair and reasonable price.
roy19 Jul 16, 2016
Awesome guys! Pulled a transmission the same day I first called. Excellent communication. Friendly and reasonable. Will absolutely use them next time. Thanks!
missy_21_1999 Jan 24, 2016
great communication. super fast and flexible. had the parts within 24 hours of our first talk
propuller916 Jan 24, 2016
It was a pleasure doing business with you thank you
ivan54 Jan 18, 2016 Modified on Jan 30, 2016
question how much do you charge to pull over and out of a Ford Bronco 96 and how long does it takethank you
propuller916 Jan 23, 2016
Hello Ivan54 this is the review section 4 star affect my account in a negative matter as I provide a 5 star service I will gladly help you with a price please contact me at 9164103128 thank you
doctrstock Aug 20, 2015
These guys are outstanding. Pulled the part and posted the parts in the mail within 2 hours of my request. Can't do any better than this!
camman Aug 18, 2015
Thanks you
dayn875 Aug 18, 2015
Propuller916 is a definite use again just got my mirror in the mail with ease thanks again for the pictures and quick response. Also the communication was great i got pictures before i made the decision.
4runner1998 Aug 18, 2015
Propuller916 is awesome and quick in finding my part. Will look for help again in the future.
jcjeet Aug 17, 2015
Propuller916 is the best one on the website hands down. Help me out with a engine pull thanks again
rl209 Aug 15, 2015 Modified on Aug 16, 2015
Worked to try to find the part I wanted even when the part was already gone.
propuller916 Aug 15, 2015
Thank you for the review
uged Aug 14, 2015
Pro puller 916 help me locate a engine that wasn't in the yard and send it to me for a good price i will use again. Thanks again
robdun Aug 14, 2015
Ed's communication skill are great he even help me install my hood for free. Thank you propuller916
propuller916 Aug 14, 2015
Thank you for the review
pifcat2 Aug 13, 2015
Ed's been very helpful, he's motivated and a good communicator. Thanks
propuller916 Aug 13, 2015
Thank you for the review
r_shavens Aug 12, 2015
I have greatly been happy with your help, and look forward to working with you on transmission for 2003 Saturn Vue, AWD 2.2 VIN 5GZCZ43, not 63, 33, 23,
californiaparts Aug 12, 2015
He is great located my part quick and communication was perfect same day i contact him he delivered my part i referred him a friend and he helped him as well same day delivery as well. Thank you again propuller916.
propuller916 Aug 12, 2015
Thank you for your review
fowler354 Aug 11, 2015
He responded in a timely fashion, MAINTAINED CONTACT , provided photos, delivered the part to my door. The young man does what he says! A FAIR PRICE FOR A FAIR AMOUNT OF WORK! Your getting RELIABILITY with this guy! Would definitely use him again. Thanks again!
propuller916 Aug 11, 2015
Thank you for your review
Jy1761 Jul 21, 2015
Outstanding puller!...went out of his way to find part, was not able to locate locally ,but found up north of here, went out of his way to communicate and find out info extremely fast. If you are looking for a top notch puller, who goes out of his way to locate and help I recommend "Propuller916"!...will use again and again,thanks
propuller916 Aug 11, 2015
Thank you for your review
LaZona Jul 12, 2015
Very helpful and took pictures of the car parts before coming to a decision to pull or not. Would use again, thanks
TeamNorthwest1 Jun 24, 2015
pro puller here right on top of what u need when u need it i would recommend him pull any part any day top notch all the way around !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u want pro go with propuller916 thanks again for all your hard work
ASurita Jun 01, 2015
Quick, reliable, and fair. Would definitely use this puller again and highly recommend him. He really know what he is doing. I tried pulling the same part and broke 3, but once I called him I had it in my hand within an hour
justinluong2009 Jun 01, 2015
Excellent Communication A+++
oneclassic70 May 29, 2015
Went above and beyond to look at a car for me. Kept in touch and sent pics for me to decide if for him to get for me due to distance. Things are falling into place to get this job done. Hit him up for your needs. highly recommend..Thank you my new friend for your help!!!
allreadydone May 01, 2015
Good business ! Promptly replied great customer service will use again
propuller916 Aug 11, 2015
Thank you for your review